Santa's Toybag Hidden Picture Activity

Santa Activity Page
Here's a fun and free little holiday activity for the little ones. Just click on the image to be taken to the download page at SantaTimes.com. There are a lot more fun activities to download there as well.


Holiday Art & Fun

Welcome to the holiday version of the Carefree Artist. Over the next few weeks I will be posting lots of holiday cards and other products created by me. There will some free printable holiday coloring pages as well as a number of holiday items you can purchase online. I sincerely hope you won't tire of all the items I will be sharing. But please try to remember I'm a freelance creative, and selling my art and designs is my bread and butter. In addition, I have a personal charity project I'm trying to fund and expand as well. So thanks for your indulgence and best wishes for a happy holiday season!


Art Mends Update

Just some of the art supplies donated this time.
I just made another donation of art supplies from my personal charity project Art Mends™ to the county hospital for the kids in the regular ward and burn unit. With these supplies the children will be able make holiday cards, decorations, and gifts for family and friends and, more importantly, the children will be experiencing the healing power of artistic creativity.

Purchasing and delivery the supplies is such a joy! And the appreciation shown by the hospital staff for providing materials that the hospital really does not have the budget for is heartwarming. And even though it is a shoestring operation -- I am never quite able to buy as many supplies as I would like -- I plan on continuing to do this at least twice a year for years to come. So, it is my holiday wish this year that somehow, some way, (or by some miracle) I can expand this project and turn it into a full-time passion.

Thanks for all the support for this project from family and friends (and a very special thanks to a wonderful person and friend, Diana S.!)

Visit www.ArtMends.org


The Holidays are Coming...

Desert Celebration Greeting Card
Desert Celebration Greeting Card
The holidays are the most whimsical time of the year for me. So join me here as I spread a little holiday cheer with my whimsical cards, coloring pages, and other stuff for the next several weeks.

More holiday cards here.


Creating Art and The Things I Will Teach You

Children's BookI love creating art. However, being a freelance creative often means fussy editors and art directors, tight deadlines, and limitations on style and media -- and that can really diminish the creative joy. But then there are those rare occasions when I am turned loose and I can't help but thoroughly enjoy what I am working on. Such is my experience with this book, The Things I Will Teach You. Lovingly written by a mother and dedicated to her sons, this joyful children's book celebrates some of the milestones occurring in a lifetime and demonstrates the ways a parent, family member or caregiver can shape a person's life throughout -- with love, commitment and involvement.

You can find the book at PumpkinSproutBooks.com.