Standing on a Corner in Winslow, Arizona (Route 66 & Hicks Avenue to be precise.)

While I usually consider painting self-portraits to be a waste of precious creative time and resources, I did make an exception just this once. So many little things came together that I felt compelled to do this one. I had my kicks, but I can't take it easy though. Now it's back to the drawing board and paying assignments (and deadlines.)


A Look at Bionics

This month's edition of ASK looks at the often-overlooked subject of prostheses. It’s packed with personal stories and great information about the history of artificial body parts as well as the future of prosthetic devices. Presenting the content in a non-frightening way to young children was a challenge for the editors, art directors, writers, and illustrators. A lot of time and thought went into this issue and I was proud to contribute.

ASK is an award-winning science and art publication for 6- to 9-year-olds. Subscription information is available at:  https://shop.cricketmedia.com/magazines/ASK-Magazine-for-Kids.html