2018, The Year Of The Earth Dog -- A View From The Southwest

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2018 is the Year of the Earth Dog according to the Chinese zodiac. I'm not quite sure what an Earth Dog is, but I immediately thought of a coyote when I heard the the term. My Earth Dog/coyote was inspired by the beautiful artistry and craftsmanship of Hopi katsina dolls. You can learn more about katsina dolls here.

According to online sources, the last Earth Dog year was 1958, which, by the way, just happens to be the year I was born. The horoscope says that those born in the year of the Earth Dog are talented, good communicators, compassionate, sensible, serious, highly principled, and idealistic. Also mentioned was something about the pancreas being important and avoiding fatty foods. That last part sounds pretty accurate to me.


What Reindeer Do

Ever wonder what reindeer do while waiting for Santa to fill stockings? (I bet Santa's Naughty Kid Book has some interesting notes in the margins!)

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Sedona Holiday Magic

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Even though the town of Sedona, and the beautiful red rock country around it, is now sadly overrun with tourists, it is still one of my favorite areas in Arizona. Being an older native Arizonan, I experienced Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon when both were still peaceful and sparsely inhabited. I fondly remember one dark, crisp night looking at the stars shining brightly above the stately red rocks and falling in love with nature. It was a magical, transforming moment.

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