Art Mends Update

Just some of the art supplies donated this time.
I just made another donation of art supplies from my personal charity project Art Mends™ to the county hospital for the kids in the regular ward and burn unit. With these supplies the children will be able make holiday cards, decorations, and gifts for family and friends and, more importantly, the children will be experiencing the healing power of artistic creativity.

Purchasing and delivery the supplies is such a joy! And the appreciation shown by the hospital staff for providing materials that the hospital really does not have the budget for is heartwarming. And even though it is a shoestring operation -- I am never quite able to buy as many supplies as I would like -- I plan on continuing to do this at least twice a year for years to come. So, it is my holiday wish this year that somehow, some way, (or by some miracle) I can expand this project and turn it into a full-time passion.

Thanks for all the support for this project from family and friends (and a very special thanks to a wonderful person and friend, Diana S.!)

Visit www.ArtMends.org

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