Cascade Genetic Testing & Following the Firsts

Do you know who your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd-degree relatives are?

Degrees of separation in the family tree can be confusing. And when that family tree includes individuals that need to be genetically tested because of a family history of cancer, confusion can result in a tragedy.

There are not a lot of visual aids to help explain what Cascade Genetic Testing is and who needs testing. So I created this concept and the artwork to go with it to try and make it easier to understand what cascade testing is and who needs to be tested when a germline mutation is discovered. If information like this had been given to two of my wife’s relatives, I would in all likelihood not be a widower.

Remember, no matter who is being tested, there is always another first-degree relative that might need to be tested as well.

Follow the firsts!

This infographic is available gratis at www.genetionary.org.