BRCA Genes Simplified

aware·ness (ə-ˈwer-nəs) noun  “Conscious knowledge.” Preventing hereditary cancer starts with awareness. Here is my second graphic in what will be a series illustrating the basics of genes and genetic mutations to hopefully help raise awareness about what can be a life-saving subject.

I want to give a big thank you and shout-out to Michelle Springer, a certified genetic counselor, for being my technical reviewer on this project.

You can download a PDF of this infographic at https://genetionary.org/brca/

Again, like my first illustration in the series, I created this infographic with a heavy heart and with the hope that this information might help spare someone a cancer diagnosis. My wife died of a hereditary cancer (TNBC) that was caused by a BRCA2 mutation. Her cancer diagnosis and untimely death could have been prevented. Unfortunately, because of medical privacy laws, information about her family’s germline mutation went unshared for years. Changing laws, no matter how outdated or adverse, can be difficult. So that has led me to use my many years of experience as a professional illustrator to try and raise awareness with my art.

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