A Monster and Cancer's Evil

I recently did another drawing activity for CUREtoday.com, this one on how to draw a fun little monster for Halloween. In the article accompanying it I tried to explain that I was just “trying to give those dealing with cancer a little creative break. I know all too well there is nothing fun and lighthearted about cancer. It is truly evil you-know-what.”

One example of cancer’s evil nature: In a study by Brigham and Women's Hospital and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology found that cancer has to deactivate would-be immune cell attackers. To do this, cancer cells can send out microscopic tentacles that can reach inside an immune cell and take out its “power” -- the cell's mitochondria. Cancer can then metastasize once the immune cell is depleted of its energy.

And then there is cancer's
sinister ability to get past the blood-brain barrier when a lot of other things can't, including many chemotherapy drugs. Pretty evil shit if you ask me.

To be very honest, I really wanted to draw something really evil looking then write something where I unloaded every expletive in the book on cancer, cancer-causing genetic mutations, and my wife’s relatives who didn’t care enough to share what would have been life-saving gene sequencing information. The hell with my professional mild-mannered children’s book illustrator reputation.

But I knew the readers at CURE Today didn’t want to hear me rant – again. (I’ve already have done that enough in my other blog posts there.) So, here’s the video I created: