Meet the Well Me Bots (tm) and Asthma Bots (tm)

Meet the Well Me Bots(tm) & The Asthma Bots(tm). The characters, the art, and the print-ready design for these coloring books were created by me gratis as a volunteer for Child Life Services at Valleywise Health. The coloring books help children learn about the symptoms, causes, and treatment of asthma. Valleywise Health is the Phoenix area’s only public teaching health system.


cool d. cat


cool d. cat was modeled after one our family cats. Cool, like his real-life counterpart, is one mellow dude that knows his way around the kitchen.

I have thought often about turning cool’s adventures in to a picture book. However, the market seems already flooded with silly cat books so I put that scheme in my overflowing things-I-can-doodle-on someday-when-I-retire file.