Hereditary Cancer Changed Everything

Art from "The Last Hike Before Cancer"Once upon a time I was an introverted whimsical illustrator approaching retirement after a long and rather enjoyable and satisfying career.

I had planned on just fading into the background and enjoying the artist’s life without art directors, editors, agents, and other gatekeepers. Maybe donate a few art supplies where needed and continuing to volunteer for the NPS and maybe paint “happy little trees” somewhere green. But something happened that should have never happened. Hereditary cancer changed everything.

Being a cancer caregiver, solo parent of a previvor, and a hereditary cancer awareness and prevention advocate was something I could have never imagined. It’s the flip side of whimsical. And I really don't want to be there.

Here is a link to an article about how my late wife's nightmare cancer story began and how I became a hereditary cancer prevention advocate. https://www.brcastrong.org/blog/hereditary-cancer-changed-everything

I only share this story in the hopes that the conversation about hereditary cancer will improve among families with a history of cancer and health care professionals that at times seem unaware that there are cancers that can be prevented. Nobody should die of a preventable cancer. Nobody!

Thank you BRCAStrong for asking me to share this story.

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