Los Colores de Amor y Dolor -- The Spanish Version of "The Colors of Love and Loss" for Día de Los Muertos

Los Colores de Amor y Dolor

Con el día de Los Muertos acercándose, pensé que era una buena oportunidad para compartir información sobre la versión en español de un libro para niños sobre el duelo en el que colaboré con la Dra. Joanne Cacciatore, titulado Los Colores de Amor y Dolor. Si bien no se trata de la tradición mexicana, habla de la pérdida, el amor y compartir el dolor.

Este es un recurso gratuito disponible para todas las familias en duelo. Para obtener más información sobre el libro, visite el sitio web de la Fundación Miss del Dr. Cacciatore: https://www.missfoundation.org/product/los-colores-de-amor-y-dolor/


With día de Los Muertos coming up I thought it was a good opportunity to share info about the Spanish version of a children's book about grief I collaborated with Dr. Joanne Cacciatore on, titled Los Colores de Amor y Dolor. While not about the Mexican tradition, it talks about loss, love and sharing grief. 

This is a free resource available to all grieving families. To learn more about the book go to Dr. Cacciatore’s Miss Foundation website: https://www.missfoundation.org/product/los-colores-de-amor-y-dolor/

El día de Los Muertos is celebrated on November 1st and November 2nd, in which the spirits of the dead are believed to return home and spend time with their relatives on these two days."

You can learn more about día de Los Muertos at MexicanMuseum.org


Some Thoughts on "PINKtober"

Are you aware October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month? Probably. It's hard to miss all the "pinkness." Well, here's a link to my brutely honest rant blog post and cartoon about one aspect of it at CURE Today from a cancer-caregiver-now-cancer-widower's point of view

Thoughts on Breast Cancer Awareness Month: the Disease Is No ‘Stroll Through the Park’



A Question that Should be Asked of Every Politician

I actually created this several years back but never posted it because other priorities in my life pushed it to the bottom of my art pile. I recently came across it while looking for another art file and thought it was a good time to share it since there’s an election coming up.

A Question that Should be Asked of Every Politician cartoon


Sharing My Time and Talent to Help the Cancer Community

This is the first in an ongoing series on drawing lesson videos at CUREToday.com.

As I have often pointed out here on this blog and other places, I hate cancer. With all my heart. I wish I could find a cure, but I’m just an artist. Instead, I’m trying to use my time and talent to hopefully give anyone dealing with the awfulness of cancer a little creative reprieve. Be that the cancer patient, caregiver or worried family members.

How to Use Drawing as a ‘Creative Break’ From Cancer.

How to Use Drawing as a ‘Creative Break’ From Cancer.



Hereditary Cancer Demands a New Medical Discipline

BRCA Ribbon and Broken Gene
In October 2017, I suddenly found myself in the role of cancer caregiver and “BRCA2 mutation-adjacent” advocate in the hereditary cancer community after my late wife was diagnosed with cancer. During the course of my wife’s battle against hereditary cancer I learned many things about genetics and how some cancers can be prevented.

We desperately need a new medical discipline and I have coined a word for this discipline -- I call it “previvology.” Read my story about it here at CURE Today:
Hereditary Cancer Demands a New Medical Discipline