SCBWI Connects to Keep Students Learning

(Please note: This content was created during the COVID crisis. The SCBWI no longer hosts the pages.) To help keep students learning, the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators has reached out to published members for remote learning resources you can use in virtual classrooms, for home-schooled students, or yourself! 

The SCBWI, of which I'm a longtime member, has created a directory that has hundreds of resources by published and listed (PAL) authors and illustrators that includes activities, art lessons, audiobooks and ebooks, bilingual resources, online book readings, emotional and mental well being projects, podcasts, teaching guides, and virtual visits and workshops. 

By the way, I have a page in the "Art Lessons" section call "Coloring Pages Featuring Plants and Animals of the Sonoran Desert and Colorado Plateau." It features images to color as well as and facts about southwestern flora and fauna. I will be adding a new page every Wednesday for as long as needed.

Here is the direct link to my page:

Sonoran and Colorado Plateau Coloring Pages by Mark A. Hicks


In the Power of Soap and Science (and Art) I Trust

I'm just an artist so it's not much, but if somebody needs any royalty-free clip art to make infographics that might help to flatten the curve of the current COVID-19 pandemic you are welcome to it at my website www.EducatorClips.com. Stay healthy please!

Royalty-free clip art for use for to make an infographic that might help flatten the curve of the current COVID-19 pandemic


Sonorasaurus Coloring Page

Sonorasaurus Thompsoni Coloring Page
The Sonoraurus, which is related to the Brachiosaurus, was estimated to have lived in the middle Cretaceous Period about 100 million years ago. It was believed to have been about 50 feet long and nearly 30 feet tall. Sonorasaurus Thompsoni is Arizona’s official state dinosaur.

Click here to go to the download page at my Arizona website, www.GilaBen.com.