Sketching Nature

My new online art journal dedicated to sketches from the natural world is now live. Please take a peek at ArtistSketchbook.com.

 Know nature. Learn to be still.


New Online Art Journal Preview

Bunny, Meet Mockingbird
Meeting the Newest Member of the Desert Neighborhood

Although it is getting more difficult to do in an increasingly crowded and noisy world, I try to indulge my passion for finding quiet natural spaces and drawing the little things of nature whenever possible. And, starting Earth Day 2021 (April 22), I will be sharing a few of my sketches of the flora and fauna I encounter when I officially launch my new art journal, ArtistSketchbook.com.

The purpose of my new online art journal isn’t to necessarily showcase my work, but rather to inspire you to grab a sketchbook and seek out a quiet spot outdoors and fall in love with the beauty of the little things of nature. Be it in your backyard, a national park, or in the wilderness somewhere, go quietly and respectfully and discover, document, appreciate, and advocate for the vanishing natural world. Know nature. Learn to be still.



A Voice for Science

A great op-ed science piece written by John Henry Beyer, Ph.D. featuring a reprint of cartoon I created for a Union of Concerned Scientists calendar a few years back.
Snapshot courtesy of John Henry Beyer
Below is a link to a great op-ed science piece written by John Henry Beyer, Ph.D. It was recently published in the Sierra Sun Newspaper of Truckee, California. John is a geophysicist. He is retired from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory where he managed research on the development of climate change mitigation technologies.

The article also featured a reprint of cartoon I created for a Union of Concerned Scientists calendar a few years back. Get the whole story here: https://www.sierrasun.com/news/environment/climate-dispatches-science-is-revolutionary-sometimes-people-like-it-sometimes-they-dont/



Adventures in Geography

Arizona Geographic Alliance Geography Activity Books. Cover art and design by Mark A. Hicks The Arizona Geographic Alliance has recently released a set of grade level-based Geography Activity Books. (That I just happened to have created the cover design and artwork for, by the way. And there's a couple pieces of interior art I created as well. All provided gratis.) Teachers, parents, and others interested in geography education can pick up or download a copy for free. More information can be found here: https://geoalliance.asu.edu/activitybooks.

The Arizona Geographic Alliance’s purpose is to strengthen geography education in Arizona. They partner with Arizona State University as well as other national and state groups.


Inventive Kayaking

Now that it’s spring, and now that I have received my first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, I’m starting to dream of someday going kayaking with friends once again in the lakes and streams around the state.

And being an avid kayaker, I saw a need for an easy-to-use vessel to stow supplies and equipment that would not interfere with paddling or legroom. So, I invented the kaYAKtail™ to solve the problem of never having enough space for dry storage of extra supplies on kayaking adventures.

The patent has been applied for and is pending, so now I’m looking for an investor and/or company to license and manufacture my creation. Serious inquiries are welcomed! Contact me here and I'll direct you to
the online invention portfolio, which includes a short video of the prototype of the kaYAKtail in use.


On the Other Hand

Sometimes life literally changes in a minute. Plans change, or more accurately, you are often forced to change your plans. (Hmmm, that theme seems familiar -- I think I wrote and illustrated a children's book years ago about plans changing.)
Recently a loved one had a life-threatening medical crisis related to her cancer battle.  Now I’m reevaluating plans and reinventing myself to give my full attention to where it is needed the most. That means that updating this journal/blog might be a little sporadic for a while.

Needless to say, my creativity took a serious nosedive because of this crisis. However, while waiting for news from the doctors and surgeons I spent time doodling with my other hand to try and divert my attention. I leave you for now with a couple of those doodles from my sketchbook rendered with my other hand…