A Holiday Offering

Losing my wife to a hereditary cancer that was very preventable was unbearably heartbreaking. And the heartache is never more keenly felt by my daughter and me than during the holidays.

My wife is no longer alive to celebrate the holidays because life-saving genetic sequencing information was not shared with numerous at-risk family members. So, in memory of my wife, I have become a very determined hereditary cancer awareness and prevention advocate in the hope that I might save a life or two and prevent a hell of a lot of suffering and sorrow.

As part of my love and advocacy, I create content for Cure Today, a publisher of cancer care resources. For the holidays I wrote a story that I hope you will take a moment to read. 

And accompanying my story is a holiday art activity with a message about cancer that I hope you’ll share...



CURE's Facebook post:



Talking to your Family about Hereditary Cancer


Cancer Education & Kindness

It's so important to share information if there is a family history of cancer. With my late wife, I witnessed how not sharing cancer risk knowledge can lead to needless suffering and heartache. What should of been a simple act of love and kindness didn't happen and my wife died because of it.

Please read my article at Cure Today:


This particular article was inspired by the late children's book author, Amy Krouse Rosenthal, and this Thought Bubble video about kindness. Since it wasn't linked in the article, click on the image below to view it:

And thanks to the Amy Krouse Rosenthal Foundation, a great organization providing funding for ovarian cancer early detection research as well as child literacy, for giving my article a shout-out on Facebook: