Old Art, New Book

Always nice to see artwork I created years ago still being used.

Originally inspired by my late wife's need for images for her classroom and parent newsletters and handouts, my portfolio of education clip art images grew and evolved over several years. Eventually the collection and hundreds of additional pieces* were featured as royalty-free images the Discovery (Channel) Education Clip Art Gallery for nearly twenty years.

Some of the artwork is now being used in the book, “50 Ways to Cultivate Lifelong Readers in Your K-4 Classroom.” The book was written for teachers by Paige Zamarripa, an elementary school teacher who has spent years teaching young readers to love reading for pleasure. Included in this book you will also find ideas for both new and master teachers that will enhance your reading and writing workshops.

It’s new and available now at Amazon.



 (*By the way, you can still find many of those same images at EducatorClips.com)


Love, Brains, Courage and Family Cancer History

Family cancer history pedigree chart

If there's a family history of cancer someone has to care enough to become educated enough about any hereditary cancer risks and then have the courage to speak up and share that knowledge with the family. Sounds simple, but it’s not. In fact, talking about cancer, and specifically about a history of cancer in the family, can be so difficult for some people.

Talking openly about health history with your family is important. Documenting that information, especially if there is a family history of cancer, can be life-saving.

As part of my hereditary cancer awareness and prevention advocacy, I have a free Family Health/Cancer History Pedigree PDF that you can download by clicking on the link or the image above. I created it so you can get the conversation started with your family.

Discussing cancer, while not always easy, will not kill you or your relatives. However, to be bluntly honest, ignoring a cancer risk to you or a loved one can. 

You can find more hereditary cancer information created by me at: www.MARKiX.net/BRCA2


World Cancer Day and the Butterfly Effect

 Since the readers at CURE are already acutely aware of cancer, I created another coloring page to hopefully distract them from the fact that World Cancer Day was coming up. 

"Butterflies are exquisite creatures that help pollenate flowers and other plants. So, I would like to take the theory in another direction today: one of hope for the cancer community. The thought of how just one small act by a cancer researcher, a doctor, a nurse, an advocate, a caring family member or maybe even a cancer patient might ultimately lead to a positive event of significant life-saving importance – maybe even a cure."

Please share the article and art. And flap your wings.