Meet Your Bike

Some art of mine from the latest edition (7-17) of ASK Magazine -- Art and Sciences for Kids. https://shop.cricketmedia.com/ASK-Magazine-for-Kids.html


Meet Dusty Pack

Meet Dusty Pack, the hiking, backpacking Jackrabbit. Go to Dusty's website to download and color The Rules of the Trail PDF before you hit the path. There will be more Dusty coloring pages about enjoying nature in the future. (BTW, these rules are for everyone -- not just kids.)


Camp Read Aloud Shirt

Thanks to Smoky Mountain Strong Camp Read Aloud for sending me this photo of their shirts with some of my free Educator Clips clip art (formerly Discovery clip art) on them. Smoky Mountain Strong Camp Read Aloud is a summer literacy program to help strengthen reading skills and help raise awareness in the wake of a wildfire in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park that left many in the area homeless and out of work.