Lost my Holiday Cheer...

Well my Christmas cheer just went out the F!@#$%! holiday window -- seems some unscrupulous scourges have been ripping off artwork from my free holiday coloring page website and stripping off the credit, URL, and copyright info and putting it on their website. (Pictured is just one example found by a follower on Pinterest.)  

Hey, you cheap-thieving-jackass-losers, I use the few dollars generated by people visiting the site to fund my personal charity project, Art Mends (www.ArtMends.org.) You see, if they are clicking on your link instead going to SantaTimes.com, some kids in the county hospital are not going to get the art supplies that help them mend and make their stay in the hospital a little more bearable.
Just one example of the many images that are regularly lifted from my websites and altered.