DNA and Inherited Mutations Simplified


This is a whimsical take on a very serious subject that, unfortunately, many grown-ups do not grasp. As a hereditary cancer advocate, I have found that many adults don’t really understand basic biology, much less genetics. Add in genetic mutations and cancer, and the mental gears stop turning.
I spent a big part of my illustration career creating artwork that helped to visually explain complex scientific concepts to 6 to 9-year-olds. So I thought I’d use those skills to maybe help more people understand genetics and hereditary cancer.
I do this with a heavy heart and with the hope that it will help prevent the loss of other precious lives. My wife died of a hereditary cancer that was caused by a BRCA2 mutation and the outright stupidity of others. Her cancer diagnosis and untimely death could have been prevented had her relatives understood genetics and the seriousness of the risk of cancer to other family members and urgently shared gene sequencing information like mature intelligent adults.

Please share. Thank you. A PDF of this graphic can be downloaded at https://genetionary.org/DNA.html