Previvor Defined

 Someone who has not been diagnosed with cancer but is at a higher risk for cancer due to certain genetic mutations (BRCA 1/2, CHEK2, PALB2, PTEN, etc.) or family history. Being a previvor does not mean you will get cancer. But a previvor needs to be proactive and monitored appropriately to reduce the risk. Many hereditary cancers can be detected early and successfully treated, or even avoided all together with preventative action. The origin of the word can be traced to the FORCE or Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered website beginning in 2000.


Because my adult child is a previvor and because my late wife should also be one, I often use the word "previvor" in my articles about hereditary cancer at Cure Today and other places. However, many people have never heard of the word or don’t know the accurate definition. And, not surprisingly, much of the info on the internet just doesn’t correctly explain it. So here’s is my attempt to define it and to shed some light on its origin.

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I wrote a article for CureToday.com specifically about the graphic and why I decided to try and define it. Here's a link to the story.   


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