Love. Brains. Courage.

Family cancer history pedigree chart

It's an odd name for a website about preventing cancer, but love, brains, and courage is what is needed when there’s a family history cancer.

If there's a family history of cancer someone has to care enough to become educated enough about any hereditary cancer risks and then have the courage to speak up and share that knowledge with the family. Sounds simple, but it’s not. In fact, talking about cancer, and specifically about a history of cancer in the family, can be so difficult for some people.

Talking openly about health history with your family is important. Documenting that information, especially if there is a family history of cancer, can be life-saving.

As part of my hereditary cancer awareness and prevention advocacy, I have created a site where a you can download a free Family Health/Cancer History Pedigree I created it so you can get the conversation started with your family.

Discussing cancer, while not always easy, will not kill you or your relatives. However, to be bluntly honest, ignoring a cancer risk to you or a loved one can.

Click here to go LoveBrainsCourage.com

 (By the way, there is no advertising on the site. Just the pedigree and many links to websites with information about talking to your family about cancer.)

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