What's Your Knowledge of Genes and Genetic Mutations that Cause Cancer?

Genetionary.org Screenshot

Not many people have a high GQ (genetic quotient). Genes and genetics are a mystery to so many. And when it comes to hereditary cancer genes it's even more of a mystery. Few are aware that we all have BReast CAncer genes in every cell of our bodies and what exactly those genes do. Not to mention the countless other important genes in our bodies.

I’m an artist turned hereditary cancer prevention advocate because a tragedy that could have been prevented wasn’t because of other people’s low GQ.

I coined the term "Genetic Quotient" and created a not-for-profit website, www.genetionary.org, with a simple glossary of terms and some easy-to-understand infographics to help raise awareness about genes, germline mutations, and inherited cancer syndromes. 

Knowledge is power. And it can be life-saving.