A Dragon, Whimsical Illustration, and Genetic Mutations

Once upon a time, there was a whimsical illustrator who had enjoyed a decades-long career making art for storybooks, magazines, greeting cards, and so much more for kids and grown-ups.

Then one day, while working on an art assignment and thinking about a great trip they had just returned from and a promising future, his wife, soul mate, and muse walked into his studio and said, “I have a painful lump.” From whimsical illustrator to advanced-stage cancer caregiver, life literally changed in the blink of an eye.


My wife died needlessly because two short sentences on a piece of paper didn’t get shared years before her diagnosis due to overt genetic illiteracy.

Hereditary cancer changed everything. I’m now using my artistic abilities to try and help people understand how families can share the EXACT SAME GENETIC MUTATION over numerous generations and that there are cancers that are preventable. (See www.genetionary.org)

The coming New Year will bring new efforts to help increase genetic knowledge and hereditary cancer awareness with more illustrations and to tell cancer to take a flying f***!

Best wishes to you and your genetic relatives this coming New Year.