Somatic Mutations & Germline Mutations Illustrated

Somatic Mutations & Germline Mutations Illustrated

Ever since I created my germline mutation infographic (see this post),

I have been asked to create something about somatic mutations.

Okay, sure, no problem; that’s an easy task.

Not really.

How do you illustrate the process of mitosis as a cell divides and copies all its genetic information so that each resulting daughter cell ends up with the same complete genome? And also try to explain in simple terms how sometimes an error in the replication of the billions of nucleotides in the DNA can happen, and it can be either benign or can lead to diseases such as cancer. And then try to explain germline mutations, which are something entirely different. And how do you do it so that just about anybody can understand it?

I used to really enjoy doing this type of artwork as a professional illustrator for numerous children’s science magazines and other publications. But now I do it because it might save a life or two. And I do it as a hereditary cancer advocate, but with a heavy heart. I’m a widower because a handful of individuals didn’t have a clue about genetics and didn’t share what would have been life-saving information.

I want to thank a certified genetic counselor, for reviewing my graphic and making suggestions to help make sure it made sense.

Like all my previous hereditary cancer-related infographics, it can be viewed and downloaded at www.MARKiX.net/genes.

Please share. Knowledge is power.

To learn more about hereditary cancer and the mutations associated with it, go to FORCE - www.FacingOurRisk.org

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