The Healing Power of Art

If you know of any cancer patients or caregivers who might benefit from taking a creative break, I have created some coloring pages for them.

It’s a personal project of mine that I’ve just released on the website Art Mends. On the site, you will find several coloring pages that can be downloaded for royalty-free use. I hope to add at least one new image every week.

Art Mends was originally created to provide free art supplies and coloring pages to a local hospital. But I had to give up that project when I became my late wife's full-time cancer caregiver. Hereditary cancer changed everything.

I was inspired to rework Art Mends after doing several art activities and coloring pages as a contributor for Cure Today, the cancer care website. After seeing some of those activities, a reader suggested that I create a coloring book, sell it, and donate the proceeds to a cancer charity. But I think just providing royalty-free pages that can be downloaded anytime for free is far more beneficial for cancer patients and cancer caregivers.

Of course, anyone else who is ill or grieving that might need a creative break is welcome to use the pages as well.

There are no ads or donation requests, just art activities created by me.

The very thought of someone struggling with a cancer diagnosis is heartbreaking. I wish I could cure it. Or better yet, prevent it. But I’m just a professional artist, so the best I can do is try and use my artistic abilities to give someone suffering from the malevolent disease a creative break.

Please share.

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