Expressions of Grief: Another Heartache Today

Today marks the 37th anniversary of the day I officially began my full-time freelance career. But I’m not celebrating today. 

Last June my wife, Donna, died after a nearly 4-year battle against hereditary cancer. Donna wasn’t just my wife and mother of our child; she was also my muse and co-creator on several projects over our 40-years together. It is an unbearably heartbreaking loss, especially because her death from cancer was nearly 100% preventable.

Being Donna's caregiver hastened my retirement from freelancing. Cancer caregiving is awful beyond words as you watch cancer rob your loved one of their life. And it's something no spouse should ever have to go through. So now I’ve turned my attention to hereditary cancer prevention advocacy and volunteer work. I'm doing it because speaking up might prevent others from suffering horribly and dying from cancer. And because of the pain I will always feel from the loss of my beloved wife and the countless hopes and dreams that were lost personally and creatively. 

Brains, love and courage would have changed everything.