Sketching Nature

My new online art journal dedicated to sketches from the natural world is now live. Please take a peek at ArtistSketchbook.com.

 Know nature. Learn to be still.


New Online Art Journal Preview

Bunny, Meet Mockingbird
Meeting the Newest Member of the Desert Neighborhood

Although it is getting more difficult to do in an increasingly crowded and noisy world, I try to indulge my passion for finding quiet natural spaces and drawing the little things of nature whenever possible. And, starting Earth Day 2021 (April 22), I will be sharing a few of my sketches of the flora and fauna I encounter when I officially launch my new art journal, ArtistSketchbook.com.

The purpose of my new online art journal isn’t to necessarily showcase my work, but rather to inspire you to grab a sketchbook and seek out a quiet spot outdoors and fall in love with the beauty of the little things of nature. Be it in your backyard, a national park, or in the wilderness somewhere, go quietly and respectfully and discover, document, appreciate, and advocate for the vanishing natural world. Know nature. Learn to be still.