Patent Pending Update: Patent Granted

Update: Patent Granted. More info here. 

 After a year of sketching, constructing and testing a prototype, and filling out paperwork, the lawyer filed for a patent for my invention for the kayak this week. 

Being an avid kayaker, I saw a need for an easy-to-use vessel to stow supplies and equipment that would not interfere with paddling or legroom. My invention helps to solve the problem of never having enough space for dry storage of extra supplies on kayaking adventures.

Next comes finding a company to license and manufacture my creation. This search is being assisted by a professional marketing company. Inquiries are welcomed! Contact me here and I'll direct you to the online portfolio of my invention.

This isn't my first invention -- just the first that I pursued a patent on. Of course, I hope to patent my other ideas in the future as time and cash flow allow.