Free Clip Art for Teachers

Introducing Educator Clips royalty-free clip art for educators!

Well, to be honest, the name and website (EducatorClips.com) are new, but a lot of the clip art in the gallery has been around for many years. In 2000 the artwork was licensed by Discovery Channel Education for exclusive use on their education website in the Discovery Clip Art Gallery.

The idea was originally inspired by my teacher wife's need for images for her weekly newsletter for parents of her students many years before computers were used in the classroom. The first digital versions were created way back when computers were painfully slow and storage capacity (think 250MB hard drives) and applications were quite limited. Later, to make the art available online to users with mostly dial-up modems for connecting to a young and very limited World Wide Web, all the images were made small and not of the highest resolution.

Discovery no longer hosts the Gallery or licenses my artwork but you can still download a few of the best whimsical images from the collection for free for education and noncommercial use at EducatorClips.com. And the artwork featured has been totally reworked to make the images bigger and better.

I've already been asked to add more images to the gallery and will do so as time permits. In the meantime, I hope all you hard-working, underpaid educators will use the art and spread the word about Educator Clips.