Bricks, Buses, and Playgrounds

I just love it when my artwork is used for unusual projects. (The ones used with my permission, of course. I can just imagine there are some unauthorized* uses out there I would rather not know about.)

Anyway, a school in another state recently sold bricks that people could have inscribed with personal messages as a part of fundraising effort to build a new playground. To honor their parents, who have driven school buses for the school district for over twenty years, a former student of the school and his family purchased a brick. He said his parents have always been known as fun bus drivers so he wanted the brick to be imprinted with my "Happy Bus" image from EducatorClips.com (originally featured in the Discovery Clip Art Gallery). Naturally I granted permission and provided a higher-resolution image for free.

Above is the finished product and the new playground with the bricks installed around it. Thank you Brian for the photos and best wishes to you and your family!

*If you are using my images illegally I hope you feel guilty now and send me tons of cash or buy lots of my books and cards so I can properly fund my personal art supply charity project, Art Mends.